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Expertise is available in the following areas:



Flight data analysis

  • Analysis of FDR and QAR data (including aircraft performance and operation)
  • Dataframe conversions (raw data to engineering units)
  • Data listings and plots

Airline flight data analysis programs

  • Defining events
  • Analysis of event data
  • Dataframe conversions (raw data to engineering units)
  • Trend analysis

Aircraft systems

  • Analysis of aircraft systems using flight data, maintenance data, BITE data and fault logs

Training courses

  • Development and presentation of bespoke training courses in accident investigation and flight data analysis

Radar data analysis

  • Analysis of ATC radar data (primary, secondary and ADS-B data)

Audio analysis

  • Analysis of CVR and ATC audio
  • Spectral analysis

Accident and incident investigation

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Email: enquiry@flightrecorder.com